This update is a bit delayed, as the majority of the changes occurred in the span of two days in mid-August. And yet, as befitting of my busy and somewhat chaotic personal schedule, I am finally getting around to making a post about it.

Thus: allow me to welcome you all to GooseBytes! The lore behind the name is simple, with origins as a tongue-in-cheek joke. It combines two things that characterize me: close friends call me Goose, and I often work with C/C++ and embedded systems, hence Bytes! I then took this further and included a synthwave themeing to it, which can be seen in both the logo and the site icon. I'd like to give a shutout to my dear friend, Brittany, who designed both and more! Her portfolio can be found here if you'd like to see her work.

The logos (and even the site itself, at the very least the color) were also inspired by my adoration of the synthwave genre. I can't recall exactly how I discovered it (I have yet to watch any of the BladeRunner movies as a heads-up, which is a grave sin that needs correction), however the songs from the genre serve as a phenomenal soundtrack when I'm coding or if I want to chill. Currently, my two favorite artists are The Midnight and Wolf and Raven.

Now, onto the meat of the update. In my About section, I had mentioned that the intent of this blog was as a way to document my journey, my progress, and contribute towards a readily available pool of knowledge. I'm here to still affirm that this is the case. I already have a thing or two I'd like to pursue, especially in regards with my Exalted Sage project. Hopefully I can go and look into what needs to get done and start writing some posts specific to that.

For now, please feel free to explore the site as you wish!

Gustavo Diaz Galeas